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  A Certificate of Completion will be issued by The Business of Escrow after completion of the following courses.

Current Professional Designations holders will be eligible for credits from any of the classes.




This is an accelerated Escrow Procedures I Class. It will cover an escrow from beginning to end. Topics covered: The Role of the Escrow; Opening and Taking an Escrow; Processing the Escrow (FIRPTA, California Real Estate Tax Withholding, 1099's, Statements of Information, Title Insurance, Payoff/Lien Removal); Preparation of the most commonly used documents in an escrow (i.e. Grant Deed, Quitclaim Deed, Affidavit  Death  of Joint Tenant, Substitution of Trustee and Full   Reconveyance,   Notes  and   Deeds   of  Trust,


Request for Notice, Power of Attorney and Subordination Agreements); Closing the Escrow (prorations and balancing the file).



This is an intermediate escrow class focusing on more complicated escrow and title issues. Emphasis will be placed on amendments, refinance, sale with seller carryback and sale with assumption escrows.


This is an advanced escrow course (for students who have passed Escrow I or have experience in escrow) focusing on more complicated escrows, such as Bulk Sales, Mobile Home, Exchange and Tract.


Beginning BULK SALES

If you are interested in learning about Bulk Sales only, you may register for this class.

Professional Designation Workshop

This will be an interactive workshop with an actual practice test and tips to help prepare you for the PD exam.  Please bring a hand held calculator.

Avoiding Escrow Losses and Claims

In today's litigious society, the escrow agent is likely to be named in a lawsuit if the slightest thing has not been done correctly. The real life situations wherein someone in the escrow industry has had first hand exposure to lawsuits and/or losses that have been extremely costly are the basis of this seminar.

Commercial Escrows-Beginning

This class is designed for the student who wants to learn the basics of handling Commercial transactions from beginning to end.

Notes and Deeds of Trust Beginning

This class is designed for the  student who wants to learn the basics of handling Notes and Deeds of Trust from beginning to end. 

Difficult/unusual escrows

This class will deal with the more challenging types of Escrows. It is designed to prepare the student with confidence in handling transactions such as AITD's, Land Contracts, Short Sales, Subject To, and Assumptions. Students will focus on the basics of the above escrows; learn to tell the difference and how to recognize them on Preliminary Reports; and learn how to work with the lender in processing, closing and paying off these types of escrows.

Advanced bulk sales

This class is designed for those students who have completed the Beginning Bulk Sale class or have some knowledge of Bulk sales want to further their education. This class will deal primarily with liquor license transfers; what to do when there is not enough money to pay creditors; and other unusual situations.

Advanced Mobile home

This class is designed for those students who have some knowledge of Mobile Home Escrows. The course will focus on dealer sales, refinances, dead (or missing) Registered Owners or Land Lords and other unusual situations.

Understanding the Purchase Contract and Joint Escrow
Instructions; 1099, FIRPTA & California Withholding Laws

This class will focus on understanding what parts of the new Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions the Escrow Holders need to be concerned with as well as the new Addenda and Riders. We will also examine in detail the escrow responsibilities and liabilities for dealing with the 1099-S, Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Act and California Withholding regulations.

Prorations & Balancing the Escrow File

The focus of this workshop will be in depth calculations of prorations and files.  Please bring a hand held calculator (a calculator with tape is more helpful).

Understanding the Loan Process

This class will give an overview of the loan process and how it relates to your escrow, discussing the different types of loans. We will focus on the timetable of the loan process to aid the escrow officer in anticipating the needs of the lender as well as reviewing loan conditions, fees (on the proper HUD lines) and signing up loan documents.

Operating Procedures for the Escrow Company

This class deals with the operations of the escrow company. The class will focus on giving better internal controls to escrow operations managers. Topics discussed will include trust accounting, age trial balance reports, outstanding check reports, dormant funds, escheating funds, and auditing escrow files.

Get Your Loan Funded

This class will provide you with tips for avoiding funding delays. You can make your life easier from loan approval to funding by avoiding some pitfalls.

Professional Designation Review Study Course

The elite of the California Escrow Association honors are its Professional Designations. This class will help the attendee prepare to take their test and become certified.

Beginning Notes and Deeds of Trust

This class is designed for the student who wants to learn the basics of handling Notes and Deeds of Trust from beginning to end.